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About Us

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The world has become a unique, albeit diversified community which continues to shrink as the years pass by.  In this regard, businesses are faced with the daunting task of providing products and services within that global community that is interposed by various jurisdictional requirements as well as technological limitations.

Legal services are required not in the traditional way but to address key elements of socio-economic imperatives: sustainability, risk mitigation, technology and advocacy. These elements, in our estimation, will determine the quality of life, the prosperity of a business and policymaking.

Clients usually want to know how we can solve a problem or issue they are facing. Kairos & Saige has the unique ability to identify potential issues well ahead of the client. That is the nature of the support we offer our clients.

We have a clear understanding of imperatives that are relevant in today’s complex multi-jurisdictional environment. We are positioned to play in this space and render the right service with the right temperament to our clients.


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Our Edge

We offer bespoke legal and consultancy services to make the journeys of our clients easier as they navigate the new normal imposed by an increasingly complex and dynamic global business environment and beyond. These services include a broad assortment of policy, regulatory, commercial, ICT/telecommunications, dispute resolution, insurance, energy and general legal advice.

Support to In-house Legal Department

As the recent Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated, unforeseen risks can have a significant impact on the business environment. The role of the in-house counsel has evolved beyond purely legal functions to become a key strategic function that has a major role in risk management, policy advisory and effective protection of the bottom line of the organisation.

We offer creative solutions and hands-on client management and are able to communicate in a manner that benefits the entire organisation, not just the legal department. We work collaboratively and flexibly with in-house legal departments not just in how we provide and present our support but also in how we charge with various alternative fee structures. With years of experience in managing legal departments of bluechip companies, our lawyers are positioned to offer innovative solutions that will go a long way in building capacity of in-house counsel and ensuring effective and sustainable operations of the legal departments. We offer capped or fixed fees

Holistic Solutions for Clients

We offer our clients a one-stop-shop for a full array of services in corporate-commercial practice including full-service support for energy, ICT/telecommunications and infrastructure projects by partnering with expert technical advisors. We also help our clients in deploying effective and proactive dispute management solutions.

We provide innovative thinking, research and strategic insights to help our clients in their business operations.

Our Values





To redefine fit-for-purpose legal services for our clients on a sustainable basis


To be the provider of excellent and all-encompassing legal and consulting services to meet the changing needs of our clients

Why Us?

Our values and services represent key fundamentals which cut across jurisdictions, industries and persons.   Our founding partners share these values and have extensive expertise in the core areas of services highlighted above.