ICT & Digital Technology

Innovation and technology have become essential for sustainable businesses across the globe. We are equipped to advise in various areas of technology from the perspectives of services, e-commerce, products, policy, regulation and transactions. With over 10 years in the telecommunications industry, one of our Partners has participated in some of the landmark achievements in the industry including obtaining judicial decisions to serve as precedents in protecting infrastructure, managing multiple taxation as well as licensing in addition to multi-billion-dollar financing, infrastructure build, stakeholder management and policy/regulatory advisory.

We are excited about opportunities in the ICT sector both locally and globally and the benefits for economic and infrastructure advancement.


The importance of adequate insurance cover to the sustainability of businesses and the economy as a whole cannot be over-emphasised. One of our partners has worked in the Insurance industry for over 14 years and played active roles in life and non-life insurance products. To this end, we are able to navigate the critical small prints and advise on various products within the industry for the benefit of our clients.